Benefits Available to Phased Retirees

  1. State Retiree Health Plan (through the Retired Group, not UNC Charlotte)
    1. Phased Retirees must be receiving a monthly retirement benefit to be eligible for retiree health coverage
    2. State will pay the premium for retiree-only coverage based upon eligibility
    3. Dependents may be added by paying an additional premium
    4. Health plan enrollment is defaulted based on when the State Health Plan Retiree Group receives your 6E (TSERS form) or ORP-3 form
      • Default rules differ for non-Medicare and Medicare eligible retirees
      • Enrollment in retiree health plans must be processed at least 61 days prior to August 1, 2024
      • If eligible for Medicare when you retire:
        • Medicare will be primary effective July 1, 2024
        • The active employee coverage for the State Health Plan will be secondary from July 1, 2024, until July 31, 2024
        • The retiree medical plan of your choice becomes effective August 1, 2024, *pending processing timeline from the State Health Plan
        • Medicare Advantage Plans are available
      • If not Medicare eligible when you retire:
        • Your coverage on the State Health Plan will continue through July 31, 2024
        • Your retiree health insurance will be effective on August 1, 2024, *pending processing timeline from the State Health Plan

          * If the retirement application or transition to retire health coverage is not processed timely, there could be a break in coverage. COBRA would be an option during the gap between when active coverage ends and retiree coverage begins.

  1. NCFlex Benefits
    1. Dental
    2. Vision
    3. Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts
    4. Group Term Life
    5. AD&D
    6. Cancer Insurance
    7. Critical Illness Insurance
    8. Accident
  2. Other Items That Can Be Deducted From Your Payroll
    1. Credit Union
    2. 403b and 457 Supplemental Retirement

Note: All of the above benefits are available through payroll deduction with the exception of the State Retiree Health Plan.

Benefits NOT Available to Phased Retirees

  1. Short-Term and Long-Term Disability
  2. Retirement Deductions/Contributions into TSERS or ORP
  3. 401k Supplemental Retirement